Step up your skills or just get started with specific skill building, drills, and conditioning clinics! Our coaches are excited to teach and advance your gymnast and their technique. Spring Showcase 2023 Camps 2023 Back Front Walkover Back Handspring – Must have a back walkover and front walkover to participate. Basics Boot Camp – All

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Teen Flip

Must be 13+ years to Participate. Beginner gymnastics and gymnasts/cheerleaders with a competitive background have the opportunity to enjoy practicing gymnastics and conditioning without the pressures of competition. Learn to take care of your mind and body while having fun with the sport you love!

Super Novas

Home School


Jets is our most advanced class and is generally for children who are ready for team but don’t want to commit and want to stay in our recreational program. This class is for our most advanced gymnasts working high level skills.   Jets are by invitation only.  Call Galaxy Gymnastics for a free evaluation.


Apollos is our intermediate class. The children in these classes have successfully learned ALL skills on ALL events in their previous classes. Apollos are by invitation only. Call Galaxy Gymnastics for a free evaluation.

Advanced Rockets

Advanced Rockets is for children who have done gymnastics before or who have advanced from our beginners class. This class still works basic skills, but learning to prefect and advance to newer and harder skills.   Advanced Rockets are by invitation only.  Call Galaxy Gymnastics for a free evaluation.

Baby Dippers

Baby Dippers can start as early as they can walk and will stay in this class until they are three. This class is done with a parent or guardian. For 45 minutes they will work gross and fine motor skills as well as becoming familiar will all parts of gymnastics.

Little Dippers

Little Dippers is our first independent class for 3-4 year olds. In this hour long class, children develop more knowledge for what gymnastics is really about. They will start to learn the technical terms for gymnastics skills, walk across our balance beams, swing on our bars, jump on the trampoline and learn forwards and backwards

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Our 5-6 year old class runs for an hour and ten minutes and is more independent than our Little Dippers class. In this class children will learn how to independently do stations and are expected to be mature and well-behaved enough to follow instruction. Comets children will eventually age into our recreational program or be

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