Owner, Team Coach

Chelsea Lahey has been the owner and operator of Galaxy Gymnastics since it opened in October of 2016. Chelsea was a gymnast and cheerleader from the age of 18 months until she was 20 years old. She was a state champion gymnast, a national champion cheerleader, a world champion competitor, and was even featured on America's Got Talent!

Through high school and college Chelsea coached both cheerleading and gymnastics. After graduating from Towson University in 2013, Chelsea moved back to her hometown of Salisbury where she coached until deciding to open her own gym, Galaxy Gymnastics, in 2016. Her goal was to create an atmosphere where every child and parent felt safe, welcome, and heard, but also build a competitive program with a loving and fun atmosphere. 

You can usually catch Chelsea coaching the upper-level gymnasts, chasing around her two children Wesley and Wynnie, or jogging the streets of Salisbury. Recently she has recognized as "Innovator of the Year" by Maryland Capital Enterprise, nominated for "Entrepreneur of the Year" and "Leading Women in Maryland", and won "Coach of the Year" by Coastal Syle. She is most proud of Galaxy winning "Best Youth Organization", and having what she believes is the best staff in town! 

Lastly, she says nothing would ever get done without the entire staff at Galaxy and her husband helping her out!



General Manager, Team Program Lead

Our program is headed by former Olympic Bronze Medalist, USA Gymnastics Hall of Famer, and NCAA National Champion Kristen Maloney.With her knowledge and the combined 30 years coaching experience from our other head coaches, we have had multiple gymnast in the top 3 at the state level including state champions every year that we have been open.



Team Manager and Coach (Level 6, Xcel Platinum)



Recreational Gymnastics Coordinator, Coach, Private Instructor

Violet grew up doing recreational gymnastics at United Gymnastix in Reisterstown, MD.  She started coaching in college at the beginning of 2023 and has been with Galaxy ever since.  She has experience in coaching all recreational classes, giving private lessons, as well as overseeing the recreational program as a whole. Violet says she loves seeing how fast her kids progress in the sport!



Camp Coordinator, Marketing Manager

Hailey is a recent graduate of Salisbury University, who worked at Galaxy during most of her time at Salisbury! She started on Front Desk, but ended up helping with anything and everything, from coaching younger gymnasts, to planning summer camp, and managing birthday parties! She has experience with athletics as she played field hockey and ran cross country and track in highschool and college. She helps manage website and social media updates and plans/promotes events at the gym. She loves working at Galaxy because of the family she has made over her time at the gym! Hailey says her favorite part of working at the gym is seeing kids have an amazing time at events I worked hard to plan and promote!



Team Coach (Level 3, Level 2, Pre Team)

Coach Vanessa works with pre-team, level 2, level 3, and xcel. She began her journey in athletics at a young age. She started off dancing around 5 years old, but at 8 years old she switched to All-Star Cheerleading and continued with that for 7 years. She also cheered her way through middle and high school on their basketball and football teams. She was even lucky enough to win a VIP athlete of the year award!

Vanessa says “everything I learned and experienced during these years has inspired me to want to help others and to work in the health/athletic field. This very gym is the same gym I was an athlete for when I was younger! I am so blessed to be here again and now it's my turn to give back to others.”



Team Coach (Level 4, Level 3, Xcel Gold)

Tavy started gymnastics at 4 years old in San Antonio, Texas. At the age of 8, she moved to Salisbury, Maryland with her mom. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be put back in gymnastics again until she was 11 years old. She did gymnastics and competed until she was about 15. However, she didn't have coaches uplifting her and making her feel good enough to keep competing. Also, she had a horrible back injury and with those circumstances sadly ended her career as a gymnast. Later on, Tavy got a job at Galaxy Gymnastics and has been a coach there since she was 16 years old. Over 2 years ago, Tavy started coaching the Galaxy competitive team. Half a year later, in the 2023-2024 season, at 18 years old, she began coaching her own group of gymnasts. The team Tavy coached by herself achieved second place in the entire state of Maryland! Tavy says she loves her gymnasts with her whole heart. She adds that she will always be dedicated to being the coach to them that she wishes she had and will always be dedicated to helping them become the best gymnasts they can be!



Team Coach (Level 2, Xcel Gold)



Team Coach (Level 2 and Level 3)

Delanie has been doing competitive gymnastics for 7 years and is currently a level 8 gymnast. She started coaching team a year and a half ago. Her favorite part of gymnastics is the feeling when you finally get the skill or score that you have worked hard for. Her goal in coaching is to help gymnasts feel that same feeling when they finally achieve their goals.



Recreational and Team Coach (PreTeam, Xcel)

Caroline Feinroth has coached gymnastics for 7 years, she was an Xcel athlete for 5 years and she says she is inspired by her students in the gym to be the best she can be!



Recreational and Team Coach (PreTeam, Level 2)

Olivia was a dancer for 12 years of her life, as a dancer, tumbling classes were required and she fell in love with tumbling. When she began high school she stopped dancing but still kept tumbling! She was offered this job and instantly took the opportunity to start!…

Olivia says “working at Galaxy has been the best! When I started coaching here I had no idea what skills I needed to learn on vault, beam, and bars, but I caught on quickly after fellow coaches helped me out! I’ve now worked here 4 years and counting and I’ve even learned multiple skills being in the gym! I coach recreational classes and have been coaching pre-team as well as helping level 2’s. Seeing the kids overcome fears and put trust in me as a coach is one of the many things I enjoy about working at Galaxy!”



Recreational Coach, Private Instructor

Renee started recreational gymnastics at the age of 4 years old. She quickly found her love for the sport and tried out for the competition team making it all the way to Xcel Gold before transitioning into competitive dance. Renee has been coaching recreational gymnastics from ages 3-13 for the past 3 years as well as offering privates to gymnasts and dancers who have passion to enhance skills. Renee loves coaching because she gets to teach her kids how to overcome their fears and be confident in themselves. She always wants her gymnast to have something to strive for at each event.



Recreational Coach

Ta’Nya's journey in gymnastics began at a young age, becoming a passion that has shaped her life and career. Starting gymnastics as a child, she quickly fell in love with the sport, dedicating five years to mastering its challenges and thrills. During her time as a gymnast, she was inspired by coaches who pushed her to excel, never allowing her to give up on herself. This nurturing guidance played a crucial role in her development, both as an athlete and as an individual.

By the age of 15, while still a gymnast, Ta’Nya transitioned into coaching, eager to give back to the sport that had given her so much. Her favorite aspect of coaching is the opportunity to teach new skills to gymnasts and witness their confidence grow as they master these skills. As a Coach, Ta’Nya hopes to allow the children she works with to love the sport just as much as she does.



Recreational Coach

London was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and started at the age of 6. She made it to Level 7 and finished out as an excel Platinum, where she had success at states and even placed at regionals. Through all of these years, gymnastics tore her apart, yet managed to put her back together at the end. When she retired from competing, she couldn’t just let go of the gym, and began coaching recreational classes here at Galaxy. She enjoys being able to help young gymnasts grow while also sharing her gymnastics memories with them.



Recreational Coach

Kendall did competitive cheer for 9 years. She says she has always wanted to coach to make a difference in the children’s lives and let them have fun while also learning new skills!



Parkour Instructor

Matthew grew up in Mount Airy, MD, where he loved hanging out with friends and playing all sorts of games outside and on playgrounds. He grew to love athletics, and during his sophomore year attending Salisbury University, he became a coach at Galaxy. He has experience performing and coaching parkour, and also working with kids! Matthew loves the bonds he gets to build with each kid in his class, as he pushes them to grow stronger and jump farther!



Recreational Coach and Parkour Instructor

Bella was a competitive gymnast for 11 years before taking a step down due to injury. She has been coaching recreational classes, parkour, and summer camp for a little over a year now. Bella says “I have always loved gymnastics. It has the biggest place in my heart and all of my coaches told me I would one day find my way back to the gym. When I was a gymnast I always had the best coaches, I never once felt like I couldn't do a skill. I always felt loved being in the gym and gymnastics was always my family. I knew becoming a coach I wanted to be like my role models. I love coaching so much now.”



Recreational Coach

Sydney is currently a competitive gymnast of 8 years, and started gymnastics when she was 4 years old. She has always wanted to coach others and encourage other girls to try new things since she started gymnastics. She started coaching a year ago at 14.

Sydney fell in love with gymnastics at her very first class and has never stopped loving the sport even when she has setbacks. Her coaching goal for the gymnasts is to have fun, grow their strength and confidence, and love for the sport.



Front Desk, Recreational Float

Jaime has watched her daughter compete in gymnastics for most of her childhood life. She started working at Galaxy at the front desk and has been floating now with the recreational classes and she absolutely loves it! Jaime says she will miss being a gymnastics mom as her daughter is now a coach but she says she will work with all the kids she comes in contact with as if they were her own.



Recreational Coach

Jayden is a dedicated varsity cheerleader turned gymnastics coach with nearly a year of experience under her belt. She did gymnastics for about 5 years and has tumbled her whole life. Having been a gymnast herself, she brings a passion for the sport and a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed. One of the most rewarding parts of coaching for her is witnessing the pure joy on the kids' faces when they conquer new skills. Jayden says “I love being a part of their growth and seeing them light up with pride.”


Recreational Coach

Izzy was a competitive gymnast for 4 years and she has now been varsity cheerleader for 3 years. She started coaching at 16 being a recreational coach, guiding athletes across various different skill levels. She is committed to creating a supportive and challenging environment that promotes athletic excellence and personal growth. Izzy loves helping gymnasts achieve their dreams while emphasizing the importance of safety, technique, and sportsmanship. Her coaching philosophy revolves around the idea that every athlete has unique strengths and it's her joy to help them soar to new heights.


Recreational Coach

Kyleigh has been dancing since she was 2 years old. She has been dancing competitively for the past 5 years. She has dedicated 2 years to working on her tumbling. She loves working with kids to help them achieve their skills. She has worked with kids ages 1-12 years old.